I am not going to retire

I am just going virtual.

Over the last twelve years I’ve done many plans for people who end up leaving the Bay Area.

Now, I’m becoming one of them.

On June 1, my business is moving to Bellingham, Washington. But I plan to continue working with current and new clients on a virtual basis — over Skype, email, phone, online meeting programs, even US mail.

The new address for Bob Goldman Financial Inc Planning will be:

1807 Samish Crest Way
Bellingham, WA 98229

The phone number, fax number and email address remain the same.

While my location is changing, my way of doing business is not. I will still offer financial planning and investment recommendations on an hourly basis only. I will not sell any financial products or take referral fees. In other words, I will continue to be 100% objective and 100% committed to putting your interests first.

I sincerely hope that working virtually will work for you. If so, full steam ahead. If not, I can recommend other planners in the Bay Area.

While leaving the Bay Area may be advantageous for financial reasons, it is still a difficult decision to make.

If you are contemplating making a move someday, I’m happy to work with you on the financial aspects of such a decision. If you’re going to stay in the Bay Area, and want to buy a house, raise a family, or retire here, I’m happy to continue working with you on those issues, as well.

I appreciate your support in the past, and look forward working with you in the future.