How It Works

How do you work with a financial planner? One step at a time.

As an hourly planner, I work with people at every age and every level of wealth — from just starting out to starting a successful retirement, or anywhere in between.

All you need to bring to the table are goals. Because that’s what the financial planning process is all about – developing sensible, workable plans to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

[Don’t exactly know where you want to be tomorrow? Totally understand. But that’s where the planning process is so useful, because you can “test out” different options and strike a balance between where you want to go and what you would have to do to get there., Planning doesn’t tell you what to do. It provides the information you need to make informed decisions.]

While many people come to planning later in life, when their motivation is to secure a safe and successful retirement, there are many more goals, issues and questions that can be helped by the planning process, including:

  • How, when and if you can buy a house
  • How to pay for your children’s college education
  • How to feel safe in your investments in an uncertain financial environment
  • How to be sure your financial advisor is working for your financial gain, not theirs.

Sparkler [page 3]Whatever your objectives, priorities and values, my role is to help you reach your goals through a comfortable, step-by-step planning process that is interactive, insightful, and useful.

If you’ve put off talking to a planner because you didn’t think you had sufficient assets, or because you didn’t trust the advice from a commissioned salesperson, a no-cost, no-obligation “Get Acquainted” meeting with Bob Goldman Financial Inc Planning is the way to start. The meeting costs nothing and it could put you on the road to a sound financial future.