Brexit! Should you leave the market, too?

Should you exit the stock market?

The US stock market reacted swiftly and negatively to the Brexit decision . The question is — what should you do about it?

You probably already know my answer — you should do absolutely nothing.

Here’s why:

You are not just the stock market.

Ideally, you also have bonds and cash. If you own a home, its value hasn’t fallen in the last week.

We’ve all been here before.

Remember the Greek financial crisis? How about the “Fiscal Cliff?” When faced with an economic crisis du jour, the market’s immediate reaction can be a steep, sudden decline. Given a little time, these stomach-turning moments are only blips in the market’s long-term rise.

What goes down must come up.

Market increases are as sudden as market decreases. If you sell now, how will you know when to buy? The only sign you’re likely to see are big market rebound days that you’ll have missed out on.

Ron Lieber, whose article, “Advice as Markets React to Brexit,” appeared in “The New York Times,” sums it up this way:

“Most of us have to save somewhere, and history suggests that stocks are the most accessible route to get the returns you’ll need someday. It would take decades of systemic and political erosion to prove otherwise, and a day or two of market declines do not suggest anything like that is upon us.”

Here’s my advice:

Give the markets — and yourself — a few days to settle down. If you still feel that your investments do not suit your temperament, or your long-term goals, get in touch.

As an hourly financial planner, I do not sell any financial products or take referral fees. In other words, I am 100% objective and 100% committed to putting your interests first.

With a financial plan, you’ll know how much, or how little, you need in stocks to reach your goals. So y ou can make investment decisions based on facts, not fears.

The best way to start? A no-cost, online “Get acquainted” or “Get an update” meeting. If you like my approach we can work together in person, where possible, or with online meetings, email, phone, even US mail.

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