Author: Bob Goldman Financial Planning, Inc

How Do You Treat a Bipolar Stock Market?

The US stock market has been up almost every day since February 11. But are we happy? Not really. Most of us are still hurting from the ups and down we experienced earlier in the year. Take the week of January 25th. Please. On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 208 points. On […]

These were the 10 best-performing stocks in 2015

Of course, I also owned every one of the 10 worst-performing stocks. In fact, I owned just about every stock in the US stock market. That’s because I don’t own individual company stocks. I own index funds. Index investors benefit from low costs and high levels of diversification. Of course, being an index investor does […]

The Dow drops 530.94 points in one day…

Markets go up and markets go own, but in the long-term, they go up. Quite a bit, actually. Three years ago, the 16,459-point Dow that is causing us so much anxiety today was 13,172. Five years ago it was 10,854. Will the market continue to go down? I have no idea, but if you’re feeling […]