Author: Bob Goldman

Calm, Concerned, Catatonic?

How are you feeling? From calm to concerned to catatonic. That’s the spectrum of emotions I hear when people contact me with questions about the effect of the new administration’s policies on their portfolios. The fact that the value of many portfolios has significantly increased during the “Trump Rally” has not helped the situation. In […]

Top Stocks of 2016

Of course, I also owned every one of the 10 worst-performing stocks. In fact, I owned just about every stock in all the major US stock markets. That’s because I don’t own individual company stocks. I own index funds. Index investors benefit from low costs and high levels of diversification. Unfortunately, being an index investor […]

Can Your Portfolio Win this Election?

Consider an article in the September 30, 2016 issue of “The New York Times.” Published after the first presidential debate and titled, “Debate Night Message: The Markets Are Afraid of Donald Trump,” the article cites research that shows “the market prefers the Democrat and believes Mr. Trump is a unique threat to prosperity.” This fear, […]

Brexit! Should you leave the market, too?

The US stock market reacted swiftly and negatively to the Brexit decision . The question is — what should you do about it? You probably already know my answer — you should do absolutely nothing. Here’s why: You are not just the stock market. Ideally, you also have bonds and cash. If you own a […]

I am not going to retire

Over the last twelve years I’ve done many plans for people who end up leaving the Bay Area. Now, I’m becoming one of them. On June 1, my business is moving to Bellingham, Washington. But I plan to continue working with current and new clients on a virtual basis — over Skype, email, phone, online […]

How Do You Treat a Bipolar Stock Market?

The US stock market has been up almost every day since February 11. But are we happy? Not really. Most of us are still hurting from the ups and down we experienced earlier in the year. Take the week of January 25th. Please. On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 208 points. On […]